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Journey Towards Reconciliation is Free Online

In 2014, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC) made it’s seventh and final event in Edmonton, Alberta. Miyo Pimatisiwin Productions brought together youth and industry professionals to capture the Indigenous youth journey around reconciliation and residential schools. And over the past two years, that Journey Towards Reconciliation documentary has been playing in film festivals around the world.

This project was always a passion project to keep the conversation going around reconciliation and residential schools. And because the main mandate of this film was to educated people from the events around the TRC, we always knew that when the documentary was finished screening in film festivals that we would be releasing the film online for free.

This past week, the University of Alberta Alumni hosted a screening and panel discussion with Cory Nicotine, Paige L’Hirondelle, Brad Williams, Aaron Paquette, Aretha Greatrix, and Jodi Stonehouse. At this event, we announced the release of the film online. We had thought that this would be the last time we would be screening the film and then another opportunity came about that would make it possible to release the film to a wider audience.

Francophonie jeunesse de l’Alberta is hosting a series of conversations around reconciliation during the week of November 6-9th, 2017. At which time, we will also be screening the Journey Towards Reconciliation documentary. And they have again partnered with us to have the film translated into French.

Over the past four years, we have collectively shed many tears of sadness and joy. During productions, each person involved went on their journey and self-discovery. We hope this film educates people about the impact of residential schools and the importance around having difficult conversations that make us uncomfortable.

Visit Journey Towards Reconciliation, for more information.