On May 28, 2018, the Alberta Government publicly apologized to the families that were affected by 60s Scoop, in which Indigenous children were removed from their families and placed with mostly non-Indigenous families. Simply saying sorry is not enough. There are multiple people on a healing journey to overcome the past. Adam North Peigan, Shiela Williams, and Wally Arcand share their story. 

Sixties Scoop Indigenous Society of Alberta (SSISA) has worked with Alberta government to start the process to listen to those affected by the 60s Scoop to make the apology possible. The 60s Scoop Project will create an awareness of the history of the 60s Scoop and what effects it had on Indigenous families. We want to educate people about the 60s Scoop as a part of the continued acts of reconciliation to build a stronger Canada.

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Music Video for Ger Carriere’s song Undeservingly.

Lost in a cold empty world, a woman comes to the realization that she is giving away herself, undeservingly.

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Music Video for Tammy Lamouche’s song Ignite a Fire.

Her ancestors started a fire so powerful to last generations, and now it is her time to continue to Ignite the fire.

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The origin of the Pow-Wow ceremony has many different versions for tribal peoples.  Many nations have their stories that describe where their dances, songs, ceremonies and cultural practices originate from.  In this short documentary, we are exploring the pow-wow origin stories for three people and their connection to pow wow life.

Have you ever wanted to attend a pow wow and understand the cultural significance? We asked three Indigenous people what pow wow means to them. They share how they joined pow wow life and how you can too.

She Connects Us started with a conversation about the western concept of celebrating Mother’s Day. An idea that evolved into honouring Indigenous women living within the traditional territory of Treaty 6. A circle of women with shared synergies from the Aboriginal Women’s Professional Association (AWPA), Miyo Pimatisiwin Productions Inc., Wild Woman Personal & Profesional Development, Mah Photography, and independent writers, professional makeup, and hairstylist artists have connected to share our gifts as Indigenous women.

She Connects Us will feature and honour the Voices of Our Grandmothers, Mothers, and Daughters stories from various backgrounds and relationships in our lives.

Nehiyaw Language Video Resources is a video series to complement the Nehiyaw Language lessons delivered by the Centre for Race and Culture with instructor Reuben Quinn.

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A young Indigenous man gets his chance to emcee a pow wow. He and his friend recruit people to take a road trip but face obstacles and characters that might prevent them from arriving at the pow wow on time.


In 2014, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada held seven national events across the country to gather testimony from Indian Residential School Survivors. This nation-wide acknowledgment of the atrocities that took place in these schools was a difficult, but important step towards healing in a journey of reconciliation in Canada.

Miyo Pimatisiwin Productions supported a group of Indigenous youth in their personal journeys as they learned about the history of the residential schools and their personal connection to the legacy. Through the lens of a camera, these young people explore intergenerational trauma, Indigenous resistance, and resilience.

The youth engaged in an act of reclamation in Edmonton’s Grandin LRT Station, under the mentorship of artists Aaron Paquette and Sylvia Nadeau, the handprints of Indigenous youth are immortalized in the station to remind citizens that they are still here. And so began their Journey Toward Reconciliation…

The Scene Youth Media Festival developed a Teacher Resource Guide to facilitate conversation around the Journey Towards Reconciliation documentary. It is a great resource to help generate conversation around reconciliation and the themes within the film.

Journey Towards Reconciliation – Teacher Resource

October 6, 2017